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This doodle is the work of the wonderfully talented Ian Campbell. Hire him: @mrcampbell17

This doodle is the work of the wonderfully talented Ian Campbell: @mrcampbell17

Here are a few samples of my work over the years. These are clips from my time at The News-Register in McMinnville, The Oregon Daily Emerald (Now known as Emerald Media Group) and The Torch in Eugene.

At The News-Register

Shoppers loosening grip on pocketbook”

I love perusing retail statistics, so when I found a study by the National Retail Federation detailing back-to-school shopping habits for 2011, I pitched the idea of comparing McMinnville business trends to the national norm. In addition to researching and writing this story — which anchored the business section of the Aug. 25, 2010 issue of the paper — I also took the photos.

At The Oregon Daily Emerald:

“Doing the derby: It’s all about the heart”

During the summer of 2011, I tried out for The Lane County Concussion, a local men’s roller derby team. I wrote a first-person feature detailing my experience for the paper (I made the team, by the way.) Unfortunately, the only way to access the story is through the archives, but you can access a PDF of the page here.

With Emerald Media Group:

“Burglary at UO journalism school’s Ghana compound results in $25,000 in stolen goods”

Halfway through the summer, I got a tip that an untold amount of equipment was stolen from the School of Journalism and Communication’s Ghana compound, where students were spending six weeks studying abroad. I reached out to professors and students. Nobody wanted to talk. It took a bit of persuading on my editor’s part to convince those affected that I would handle the story responsibly. Waves of thank yous followed after the story was published.

Oregon State Board of Higher Education gives UOPD the go-ahead to carry firearms
Sun’s out, guns out: UOPD will begin carrying firearms this summer”

UO Police Chief Carolyn McDermed got the green light to arm her officers at 1 p.m. on a Friday. Twenty minutes later, she was on the phone with me on her drive back to Eugene from Portland. And at approximately 2 p.m., I had the first story on the matter. Three days later, I had a longform, contextual story in the Emerald’s print edition on the topic. The philosophy in this newsroom is that we guide our coverage from tweet to cover story and I did just that.

At The Torch

On a Side Note: Wanna know more about your instructors?”

On a Side Note was the title of my weekly column while I was editor of The Torch. This particular entry was inspired after a run of hard news hit our pages. First, somebody was caught speeding through campus with marijuana on his person. He turned out to be an unregistered sex offender and when we published that story, we all caught hell. Then student elections happened, which are draining for any college newspaper staff. I took the opportunity to do something light-hearted, so I perused the college’s catalog. Apparently each faculty member’s credentials are listed in their profiles so, naturally, I let my readers in on the info.

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