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I’m the county government and healthcare reporter for The Grants Pass Daily Courier, the 11,000-circulation daily newspaper based in Josephine County.

I’m a proud alumnus of The Emerald, the University of Oregon’s independent student media organization.

My work has appeared in The Yamhill Valley News-Register, The Statesman Journal and The Oregonian.

This blog may not see much action until I get comfortable with the daily grind in Grants Pass (I was just hired in September), but expect semi-regular posts when I get my feet wet.


  1. Eder, question–what kind of journalist do you want to be? Copy editor, managing editor, magazine writer?
    Also, if you get a chance, take Rebecca Force and Peter Laufer, not to mention Wheeler!

    • Well, I’ve dreamed of being a news reporter for a long time and that’s still my first choice as a profession to pursue after I graduate. I’d also love to be paid to cover the video game industry as it’s something I’ve been fascinated by since I can remember. Writing features is a really close third; that’s what I’m hoping to gain more experience in very soon.

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