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I’m the K-12 education reporter for The Oregonian.

I focus primarily on Portland Public Schools, the state’s largest district. Over the last few months, I’ve also stepped in to supplement our coronavirus coverage, wildfires updates and spent countless hours on the ground and behind the keyboard chronicling Portland’s protests against systemic racism and police brutality.

I was previously on the newspapers trending team — think of it as a sort of breaking news desk for viral content, whether it’s suspiciously phallic weather patterns or an Oregon senator stalling debate on a healthcare bill.

Over the years, I’ve shared much of my personal life with Oregonian readers, including of my journey as an immigrant from Mexico to my first-person account of the time I was injured covering a protest.

I’ve also had a hand in covering some of the biggest stories in The Oregonian’s recent history. I was the first reporter to connect with the family of one of the teenager girls who was harassed by the alleged assailant. The following day, I tracked down friends of one of the men who lost his life protecting them.

I was previously the county government and healthcare reporter for The Grants Pass Daily Courier, the 11,000-circulation daily newspaper based in Josephine County.

I’m a proud alumnus of The Emerald, the University of Oregon’s independent student media organization.

My work has appeared in The Yamhill Valley News-Register and The Statesman Journal.


  1. Eder, question–what kind of journalist do you want to be? Copy editor, managing editor, magazine writer?
    Also, if you get a chance, take Rebecca Force and Peter Laufer, not to mention Wheeler!

    • Well, I’ve dreamed of being a news reporter for a long time and that’s still my first choice as a profession to pursue after I graduate. I’d also love to be paid to cover the video game industry as it’s something I’ve been fascinated by since I can remember. Writing features is a really close third; that’s what I’m hoping to gain more experience in very soon.

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