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First tweets: Emerald Media Group edition

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2014 at 1:31 pm

Twitter recently rolled out this tool that allows you to look up your first tweet. So I took it upon myself to incorporate it with one of my favorite pastimes: Publicly embarrassing the staff at The Emerald. Here’s the first tweets of everyone I could find in the winter staff list and a few randos. Let’s start with mine:

Here’s the rest of the Emerald management team. Sam Stites’ first tweet will surprise no one.

While Chelsea Wicks begrudgingly joined the social media service.

And this is no mistake. Jake Crump’s first tweet was a retweet of @DailyEmerald.

And Eliza Collins wants nothing more than to be in the E-U-G.

Here are some other notable Emerald staffers:

The legend begins.

Ha! Outstanding!

That’s way too many Cs and Ss for anyone, ever.

That’s a really weird thing to tweet the day after my birthday.

What does that even mean?

Figuring out the Twitterz is a trend of sorts.

But there ain’t no hollaback, girl.

When aren’t you?


Except it was Marth who got invited back, not Roy.

Dafuq is a godback?

Tell me about it. #sorrynotsorry

I have no idea what that means …

Or that.

Brand New? Like the band?

You sure did, buddy!


I, too, remember when Twitter mentions were a baffling ordeal.

Spirit of a winner!

Late to the game much?

I wanna be a Rescue Ranger, too …

McMinnville represent!

Somebody wasn’t too happy with iOS6.



Here’s a few key Venture Bros.:

Nobody blames ya, buddy. Now let’s wrap this up with our publishers: past, present and future.

Can we listen to Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World together, Charlie?

Just for fun, here’s Ivar:

But what do YOU think?

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