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First tweets: Emerald Media Group edition

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Twitter recently rolled out this tool that allows you to look up your first tweet. So I took it upon myself to incorporate it with one of my favorite pastimes: Publicly embarrassing the staff at The Emerald. Here’s the first tweets of everyone I could find in the winter staff list and a few randos. Let’s start with mine:

Here’s the rest of the Emerald management team. Sam Stites’ first tweet will surprise no one.

While Chelsea Wicks begrudgingly joined the social media service.

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Reflections on a year working a dream come true

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I’ll never forget the day Andy Rossback and I sat down at Marche Café.

“What do you think of this issue?” he asked.

Since we parted ways upon enrolling at the University of Oregon, he and I had kept in touch over coffee every month or so. When he was appointed the editor-in-chief of The Emerald, he would often discuss future ventures in a roundabout way — we had, after all, spent an entire year practically joined at the hip at the helm of The Torch, Lane Community College’s student paper.

And so I critiqued. I told Andy that the cover headline promised a story that didn’t materialize in the issue. The headlines were weak. Ledes weren’t what they could be.

As I tore apart an issue of the newspaper Andy managed, he simply said, “We have an opening for a print managing editor. You interested?”

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