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My day as a ‘sports’ reporter

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Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr user MDGovpics.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr user MDGovpics.

I give the sports staff at The Emerald a lot of shit.

I make fun of the baffling number of statistics and trivia sports reporters imbue their tweets with. I goad them for using strange-sounding words such as “winningnest.” And now I understand why they do it all.

When you’re facing a similar set of circumstances from day to day, it’s tough to be creative with your words. How do you keep readers engaged, stave off vocabulary fatigue and maintain a steady stream of content going on a beat where Team A is always going to beat or tie with Team B and access to the playmakers is limited?

The answers are simple: stats, creative word choice and an unwavering love for anything and everything to do with your beat. Over the course of 14 hours on a Sunday, I tried my hand at tweeting like a sports reporter and the results were interesting. 

First off, I had two rules when I started the day:

1. Tweets should contain at least one statistic.

2. Tweets without a statistic need to provide some sort of context or commentary on an aspect of my day.

Fortunately, I had a Pokemon tournament in the morning, which made some of that stat gathering relatively simple. That is, until I decided on which stats I wanted to use and how I wanted to contextualize them. Organizing the entire Pokedex by base stats was easy enough, but doing the math necessary to put together a list and compare outcomes was more work than I expected.

And doing that for any of the stats I tweeted out later would have been damn-near impossible. That’s why most every tweet following the tournament was meant purely for entertainment. A few meaningful stats made it in, namely the number of pages designed by our art director and the size of our issues over the term, but, for the most part, the rest of the day was an exercise in maintaining a specific tone throughout the feed. It wasn’t easy.

Just check out how the day unfolded for yourself:

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