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Organic food, Tiger Wu and Zelda

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What do Oregon Rep. David Wu’s tiger suit shenanigans and organic groceries have in common? They’re both featured in the Monday roundup! Take a look at my favorite stories of the day.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to discern what's really organic these days ...


When ‘organic’ food isn’t
By Sherri Buri McDonald/ The Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.)

Just like many other commodities, food is becoming increasingly expensive. It gets even pricier when you slap an “organic” sticker on it.

The Register-Guard’s Sherri Buri McDonald took a look at the products offered by Golden Temple, a local cereal manufacturer, and found that some of the items solicited by the company since its acquisition by Illinois-based Hearthside Food Solutions weren’t organic as advertised. In-store signage for Golden Temple granola and its Peace Cereal claimed the main ingredient in both products was organic oats, which hasn’t been true for years.

Eugene is one of the most health- and environmentally conscious cities this side of … well, anywhere. And Golden Temple is just the latest in a string of organic companies taken over by larger conglomerates and then glossed over with cheaper product. Is this a case of policies and procedures moving slower than branding? After all, it must take awhile for the marketing department to update the promotional material, right? Or does Hearthside want to keep the organic banner up as long as possible to drive sales of its products? I’m not pointing fingers here, mostly because I could care less if something’s organic or not.

David Wu continues to apologize, this time to Washington County Public Affairs Forum
By Janie Har/ The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.)

When Oregon Rep. David Wu donned a tiger costume after a long Halloween, it marked the high point of a series of bizzare episodes the congressman became known for.


If you follow Oregon politics, you might know the story here. District 1 Rep. David Wu has been in office for more than 14 years, but during his last campaign things got a little shaky. The congressman has been known to behave erratically in public, but it really hit the fan in November during his sixth re-election bid.

The Willamette Week reported a bizarre incident in which Wu donned a tiger costume while on a bender on Halloween. The congressman went on to claim that the episode was brought on by his abuse of certain drugs. Since then, he’s given strange speeches — going so far as to call folks in the White House faux Klingons — and even lost much of his staff. Now, he’s been on quite a tour to patch up relations with his constituents.

Speaking of Wu, have you heard the one where he and a News-Register reporter took a tour of a small business in McMinnville? It’s a good one!

Ocarina of Time’s Master Quest confirmed for 3DS
By Owen Good/ Kotaku

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will let us experience one of the most beloved games of all time on the go later this year.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time may just be one of the most revered games of all time. Originally released in 1998, it successfully translated one of the most beloved classic franchises to the 3D space and has always been a sure hit for Nintendo.

A supplement to the game, titled Master Quest, was released for the game and released exclusively in Japan. When The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was released for the Nintendo Gamecube, both games were included in a bonus disc as a pre-order bonus.

Now, Nintendo’s upcoming handheld and successor to the Nintendo DS is getting its own Ocarina of Time/Master Quest bundle when The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D hits stores later this year. I’m definitely waiting awhile before I pick up Nintendo’s next handheld — reports of a battery life that may not even reach three hours concerns me — but the promise of two Zelda games in one package is too much to resist.

  1. Ocarina of Time 3D……

    The news of its inclusion broke during a chat between Conservative New Media and Nintendo’s associate PR manager David Young, wherein Young likened the addition to having “two games in one.” He did not clarify if the Master Quest would be offerred ……

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